PhD Projects

Le système de surveillance des décès maternels au Maroc

Abouchadi, S., De Brouwere, V., Zhang, W., Nejjari, C. & Zhang, W.

1/04/14 → …


Paving the way forward: Using implementation science to understand barriers and facilitators of uptake for Intravenous iron in the Management of Anaemia in Pregnancy for Resource-Limited Settings: IVON Nigeria Trial

Akinajo, O. R., Benova, L., Sidney Annerstedt, K., Afolabi, B. & Banke-Thomas, A.

3/11/21 → …


Improving detection of drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB by use of novel phenotypic and genotypic tests

Ardizzoni, E., de Jong, B., Rigouts, L. & Varraine, F.

1/01/13 → …


Iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy: Evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of intravenous ferric carboxymaltose and oral ferrous sulphate in a low-middle income country

Babah, O. A., Benova, L., Larson, E., Hanson, C. & Afolabi, B. B.

3/11/21 → …


Understanding why and how adolescent friendly conditions of health services affect the health outcomes of Nigerian adolescents living with HIV

Badejo, O. A., Laga, M., Nöstlinger, C., Van Belle, S., Wouters, E. & Jolayemi, T.

1/01/19 → …


Impact evaluation of interventions, addressing spatiotemporal transmission heterogeneity and human mobility, to control arboviruses.

Baldoquin Rodriguez, W., van der Sande, M., Vanlerberghe, V., De Baets, B., Baetens, J. & Romani, T. M. E.

3/11/21 → …


Primary Health Care improvement in Benin: which model(s) of practice work for First-Line Medical Doctors?

Bello, O. A. K., Criel, B., Apers, L., De Lepeleire, J. & Zannou, M.

1/04/18 → …


The rise of non-communicable diseases, and implications for health care delivery and health programmes in the Philippines

Bermejo, R. I., Damme, W. V., Galvez-Tan, J. & Mets, T.

1/07/12 → …


Use of digital solutions to improve quality of care in primary health care for paediatric patients in LMIC

Bernasconi, A., van der Sande, M., van der Sande, M. & Grobbee, D. E.

27/04/21 → …


Examining the quality of maternal and newborn healthcare delivery in an African city – the case of Kampala, Uganda

Birabwa, C., Benova, L., van Olmen, J., Banke-Thomas, A. & Waiswa, P.

1/01/21 → 


L’épidémiologie et la lutte contre la schistosomiase au Burundi dans un contexte d’élimination

Bizimana, P., Polman, K. & Van Geertruyden, J.

3/11/20 → …


Le renforcement des capacités des équipes cadres des districts sanitaires à l’ère de la réforme de l’administration sanitaire provinciale en République Démocratique du Congo : une évaluation réaliste

Bosongo, S. I., Marchal, B., Criel, B., Coppieters, Y. & Chenge, F.

1/01/21 → 


Advancing the implementation of quality improvement strategies to reduce maternal mortality using realist evaluation: the case of Maternal Death Reviews in Benin 

Boyi Epse Hounsou, M. C., Marchal, B., Delvaux, T., Benova, L., Zweekhorst, M., Ouendo, E. & Dossou, J.

1/01/21 → 


Using novel molecular approaches to understand the transmission dynamics of Mycobacterium leprae in the Comoros

Braet, S., de Jong, B. & Rigouts, L.

11/04/19 → …


Strongyloides stercoralis in the non-endemic setting and beyond: an epidemiological, clinical, diagnostic and treatment challenge

Buonfrate, D., Bottieau, E. & Vlieghe, E.

3/11/21 → …


Influences on contraceptive method choice among adolescents and youth in sub-Saharan Africa

Calhoun, L., Benova, L., Delvaux, T. & van den Akker, T.

27/04/21 → …


Improving facility delivery and postpartum care coverage through facility and community based intervention in the post-Ebola context in rural Guinea

Camara, B. S., Peeters, K., Delvaux, T., Gerrets, R., de Kok, B. & Delamou, A.

1/01/19 → …


A qualitative study to investigate the use of complex perspectives in policy evaluation in public health

Castellano Pleguezuelo, V., Marchal, B. & Petticrew, M.

27/04/21 → …


The role of innovative tools for sand fly control in the visceral leishmaniasis (VL) elimination initiative in the South-East-Asian region

Chowdhury, R., Hasker, E., Van Bortel, W. & Caljon, G.

11/04/19 → …


Innovative strategies to ascertain the Elimination of Visceral Leishmaniasis in Nepal

Cloots, K., Hasker, E. & Vlas, de, S. J.

11/07/18 → …


Understanding antimicrobials use: An ethnographic study of rural communities in Burkina Faso

Compaore, A., Peeters, K., Jacobs, J., Sariola, S. & Tinto, H.

1/01/20 → …


Curbing rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis in Rwanda and beyond 

Cuella Martin, I., de Jong, B. & Rigouts, L.

30/06/21 → …


Systems biological analysis of niche adaptation in resistant and virulent Salmonella pathogens

Cuypers, W., Jacobs, J. & Laukens, K.

26/04/18 → …


Scale-Up an integrated care package for diaBetes and hYpertension for vulnerable people in Cambodia, Slovenia and Belgium

Danhieux, K., Damme, W. V., van Olmen, J., van Olmen, J., Remmen, R. & Wouters, E.

3/07/19 → …


Characterization of Chikungunya virus-host protein complexes involved in viral attachment and entry

De Caluwe, L., Ariën, K., Bartholomeeusen, K. & Van Ostade, X.

4/10/16 → …


A study of the Plasmodium vivax reticulocyte invasion pathways and ligand candidates, with special attention to the promising PvTRAg and PvRBP multigenic families.

De Meulenaere, K., Rosanas-Urgell, A., Laukens, K., Cuypers, B., Kattenberg, J. H. & Monsieurs, P.

11/04/19 → 


A framework to deduce the convoluted repertoire and epitope hierarchy of human T cell responses in visceral leishmaniasis: patient meets in silico

de Vrij, N., van Griensven, J., Adriaensen, W., Laukens, K., Cuypers, B. & Cuypers, B.

3/11/20 → …


Hepatitis C/HIV coinfection in Cambodia: from pilot project to lessons learned for a public health approach

De Weggheleire, A., Lynen, L. & Francque, S.

26/04/18 → …


Mesure et modelisation de la mortalité due au paludisme dans la zone de superveiillance démographique de Nanoro, Burkina Faso

Derra, K., D'Alessandro, U., Erhart, A., Bocquier, P. & Haliodu, T.

1/01/12 → …


Development of a novel nanoparticle formulation for mRNA based therapeutic vaccination against HIV

D'haese, S., Vanham, G., Aerts, J. & Allard, S. D.

11/04/19 → …


Implementation of the fee exemption for caesarean section policy (FECSP) in non-state health facilities in Benin: Does it work (or not)? Why (not)? How to improve it?

Dossou, J. P., Marchal, B., Van Damme, W. & Adisso, S.

1/06/15 → …


Exposing the effect of host, parasite and immunoparasitological factors on Plasmodium falciparum gametocyte conversion

Drissi El Boukili, Y., Rosanas-Urgell, A. & Caljon, G.

3/11/20 → …


Control of urban malaria transmitted by Anopheles stephensi in Ethiopia: development of context sensitive vector control interventions for use in houses

Egid, B., Peeters, K., Wilson, A. L. & Weetman, D.

3/11/21 → …


 Assessment of potential reservoirs of non-typhoidal Salmonella in the Province of Tshopo, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Falay Sadiki, D. D. & Jacobs, J.

17/04/20 → …


Assessing the antibody responses against arboviruses circulating in Peru – from basic immunology to new diagnostics

Falconi Agapito, F., Ariën, K., Ariën, K., Dujardin, J. & Talledo, M.

1/04/18 → …


A transdisciplinary study of the ethical implications of adolescent enrollment in a clinical trial in The Gambia

Fehr, A. E. T., Peeters, K. & Bunders, J.

26/04/18 → …


Carbapenem resistance in Enterobacteriaceae: profiling the small RNA landscapes

Gonzalez Andrade, P. D., Jacobs, J., Jacobs, J. & Grijalva, M.

1/04/14 → 


Investigating drug tolerance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Goossens, S., de Jong, B. & Van Rie, A.

3/11/20 → …


Statistical methods for estimating age and time-dependent epidemiological malaria parameters and the analysis of social network data as a new approach to the development of malaria elimination strategies

Grosso, A., Peeters, K., Abrams, S. & Hens, N.

3/11/21 → …


The rural community in sub-Saharan Africa as a reservoir of antibiotic resistance: a case study from Burkina Faso

Guiraud, I., Jacobs, J., Jacobs, J. & Tinto, H.

2/07/15 → …


Innovative diagnostic and therapeutic measures to improve MDR-TB diagnosis and management in Conakry, Guinea

Hassane Harouna, S., de Jong, B., Decroo, T., Rigouts, L., Delamou, A. & Camara, L. M.

1/01/20 → …


Viral evolutionary analyses as magnifying glass on parasite population dynamics

Heeren, S., Dujardin, J., Dujardin, J., Van den Broeck, F., Lemey, P. & Van den Broeck, F.

30/06/21 → …


Aneuploidy and mosaicism: a strategy for early adaptation to drug pressure in Leishmania

Heringer Negreira, G., Dujardin, J., Domagalska, M. & Dujardin, J.

17/04/20 → …


Bacterial contamination of blood products for transfusion in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: prevalence, risk analysis, prevention

Heroes, A., Jacobs, J. & Jacobs, J.

24/04/17 → …


Performance of community-based ART programmes for key populations in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa

Ibiloye, O. J., Lynen, L., Decroo, T., Van Belle, S., van Olmen, J., Masquillier, C. & Jwanle, P.

1/01/21 → 


Considerations from emerging infection outbreaks and a pandemic for the global action plan on antimicrobial resistance

Ingelbeen, B., van der Sande, M., van Kleef, E. & Bonten, M. J. M.

30/06/21 → …


Designing an innovative malaria elimination strategy based on reactive case and community participation: a mixed-­‐methods study

Jaiteh, F., Peeters, K., Masunaga, Y., Gerrets, R. & Achan, J.

1/10/15 → …


Selected topics in hospital infection prevention and control in sub-Saharan Africa

Kalema Yanga, J., Jacobs, J., Jacobs, J. & Lunguya, O.

1/01/21 → 


Statistical methods to guide clinical decision making in TB

Keter, A. K., Lynen, L., Jacobs, B. K., Goetghebeur, E. & van Heerden, A.

1/04/20 → …


Universal Health Coverage in Burkina Faso: analyzing the role of knowledge and dynamics affecting this role in national policy-making

Kiendrebeogo, J. A., Damme, W. V., De Allegri, M. & Drabo, M.

1/08/18 → …


Molecular Characterization of Mycobacterial Isolates Causing Tuberculosis in Humans and Animals in Northwest Ethiopia

Kitata, M. E., de Jong, B., Diro, E., Rigouts, L., Torrea, G. & Gehre, F.

1/02/16 → …


Characterization of antimicrobial resistance among Gram-­‐negative bacteria in Peru: a comprehensive national surveillance

Krapp Lopez, F. D. C., Jacobs, J., Jacobs, J. & Garcia, C.

1/12/17 → …


Laboratory and bioinformatics innovations towards culture-free whole genome sequencing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis for clinical care

Krausser, L., de Jong, B. & Van Rie, A.

30/06/21 → …


Evaluation of the role of immune checkpoint molecules in the natural killer cell-mediated anti-HIV response

Laeremans, T., Vanham, G. & Aerts, J.

11/04/19 → …


Improving the performance of health care delivery systems to provide quality care for persons with chronic diseases at the primary level of healthcare in rural Karnataka, India

Lall, D., Criel, B. & Devadasan, N.

1/08/15 → 9/03/22


Understanding and preventing the emergence of antimicrobial resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Laumen, J., Kenyon, C. & Malhotra-Kumar, S.

12/01/21 → …


First-line anti TB-drugs revisited

Lempens, P., de Jong, B. & Rigouts, L.

12/01/17 → …


The Hospital as a reservoir of antibiotic resistance in low resource settings

Lompo, P., Jacobs, J., Jacobs, J. & Tinto, H.

1/10/17 → …


Addressing gaps in hypertension care and control in Medellin, Colombia: formative research, multi component quasi-experimental intervention

Londono, E. A., Marchal, B., Battaglioli, T. C. E., Van der Stuyft, P. & Dario Gomez, R.

1/01/18 → …


Molecular characterization of mycobacterial strains from clinical specimens of patients with tuberculosis

Makhado, N. A., de Jong, B., Colebunders, B. & Nchabeleng , M.

4/02/13 → …


Differentiated Implementation of HIV Treat All in Zimbabwe

Makurumidze, R., Lynen, L., Decroo, T., Van Damme, W. & Rusakaniko, S.

1/03/18 → …


Impact of HIV-1 infection on antibody response to yellow fever vaccination in non-endemic areas

Martin, C., Bottieau, E., Dauby, N. & De Wit, S.

3/11/21 → …


Assessment of Co-Infections as Determinants of Treatment Failure in Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Martinez Medina, D., Boelaert, M., Dujardin, J. & Llanos-Cuentas, A.

1/11/10 → …


An anthropological analysis of the community participatory approach of a malaria elimination trial in The Gambia: determinants for community members’ participation

Masunaga, Y., Peeters, K. & Gerrets, R.

11/07/18 → …


Invasive salmonellosis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Mbuyi Kalonji, L., Jacobs, J. & Muyembe, J.

1/09/15 → …


Alternative methodological approaches to assess longterm HIV virological and clinical outcomes in resource limited settings

Mesic, A., Lynen, L., Decroo, T., van Olmen, J. & Ritmeijer, K.

27/04/21 → …


Co-design and evaluation of improved information tools to support better monitoring of inpatient newborn care

Muinga, N., Benova, L., Zweekhorst, M. & English, M.

17/04/20 → …


Improving the diagnostic work-up of neurological disorders in rural Central Africa

Mukendi Mulumba, D., Bottieau, E., Cras, P. & Lutumba, P.

24/06/16 → …


The role of T cell diversity in the pathogenesis of TB-IRIS in HIV/aids patients in Uganda

Nakiwala, J., Kestens, L. & Pala, P.

1/07/11 → …


Targeting residual malaria transmission among the Ra‐glai ethnic minority in Vietnam using a transdisciplinary approach 

Nguyen, T. T., Peeters, K., Gryseels, C., Gerrets, R. & Nguyen, X. X.

1/08/17 → …


Taenia spp. cysticercosis in pigs in Northern Vietnam

Nguyen, T. T. M., Dorny, P., Dermauw, V., Dorny, P. & Nguyen , T. G. T.

1/03/18 → …


Exploring the Ethical issues in Clinical Research with Pregnant Women in low resource settings; and acceptability of interventions for pregnant women: An Ethnography Of The Pregnanzi-2 Trial In The Gambia

Njue, M. W., Peeters, K., Gerrets, R. & Badaji, A.

29/01/18 → …


Implementing clinical bacteriology in low resource settings: reviving the old, bringing in the new

Ombelet, S., Jacobs, J., Cox, J. & Jacobs, J.

12/01/17 → 4/02/22


The incidence and risk factors of mortality associated with HIV and TB infections in Kenya

Onyango, D. O., van der Sande, M., Grobbee, D. E., Yuen, C. & Wandiga, S.

3/07/19 → …


Effectiveness of innovative interventions on curbing transmission of leprosy

Ortuno Gutierrez, N., Hasker, E. & Richardus, J. H.

30/06/21 → …


Magnitude and Severity of abortion related complications in two African fragile and conflict-affected settings 

Pasquier, E., Benova, L., Degomme, O., Fillipi, V. & Owolabi, O.

30/06/21 → …


Machine learning framework for T-cell receptor repertoire-based viral diagnostics

Postovskaya, A., Vercauteren, K., Laukens, K., Meysman, P., Vanham, G. & Vanham, G.

3/11/20 → …


Advancing the state of patients rights’ enforcement in the public and private health care facilities in South India

Putturaj, M., Marchal, B., Criel, B., Van Belle, S., Krumeich, A., Engel, N., Prakash, B. N. & Prashanth, N.

1/01/20 → …


Entomological evidence to support Visceral Leishmaniasis elimination in Nepal

Roy, L., Hasker, E., Van Bortel, W., Van Bortel, W. & Caljon, G.

1/07/20 → …


Bacterial bloodstream infections in Rwanda: a molecular surveillance study

Rutanga, J. P., Jacobs, J., Jacobs, J. & Muvunyi, C.

1/04/16 → 


Implementation of safe and effective radical cure vivax malaria – a policy analysis approach

Ruwanpura, V. S. H., Peeters, K., Ley Thriemer, K., Price, R. N. & Lynch, C. A.

27/04/21 → …


Antigen discovery for the diagnosis of invasive salmonellosis: A targeted proteomics approach

Saleh, S., Büscher, P. & Gevaert, K.

22/01/15 → …


Diagnostic and epidemiological aspects of human toxocariasis in Cuba

Sariego Ramos, I., Polman, K., Van der Stuyft, P. & Rojas Rivero, L.

1/07/11 → …


The development of chloroquine resistance in Plasmodium vivax parasites

Sauve, E., Rosanas-Urgell, A., Dujardin, J., Kattenberg, J. H. & Dujardin, J.

27/04/21 → …


 Queer people in straight systems: The impact of sexual orientation laws on the health of sexual minorities

Siegel, M., Laga, M., Nöstlinger, C. & Pietschnig, J.

17/04/20 → …


An economic evaluation of strategies for sleeping sickness elimination

Snijders, R., Hasker, E., Fink, G. & Tediosi, F.

3/07/19 → …


Exclusion from health: withheld citizenship of indigenous people in South India

Soors, W., Criel, B., Wouters, E. & Dierckx, D.

14/07/14 → …


Accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for tuberculosis retreatment patients in Niger

Souleymane Tiemogo, M. B., de Jong, B., Decroo, T., Rigouts, L., Mamadou, S. & Adehossi, E.

1/01/21 → 


Coordination of Multisectoral Action for Health in Uganda: Mechanisms, Actor Experiences, Motivations and Implications for Policy and Practice

Ssennyonjo, A., Marchal, B., Criel, B., Van Belle, S., Titeca, K. & Ssengooba, F.

1/01/19 → …


The immunomodulatory role of prednisone in TB-HIV co-infected patients and assessment of its impact on clinical and TB treatment outcomes

Stek, C., Lynen, L. & Meintjes, G.

30/04/15 → …


Inequalities in access to hospital for childbirth care in sub-Saharan Africa

Straneo, M., Benova, L., van den Akker, T. & Hanson, C.

3/11/20 → …


Predicting and treating non-typhoidal Salmonella bloodstream infections in children in sub-Saharan Africa

Tack, B., Jacobs, J., Jacobs, J., Toelen, J. & Lunguya, O.

17/04/20 → …


Evaluation of Performance of Diabetes Care Initiatives implemented in Cambodia

Te, V., Damme, W. V., Van Damme, W. & Ir, P.

1/01/19 → …


Use of network modeling to better understand STI epidemiology

Tsoumanis, A., Kenyon, C. & Hens, N.

28/08/17 → …


Community as a starting point of antibiotic resistance emergence and spread in low resource settings: Risk factors assessment and consequences in primary healthcare outcomes

Valia, D., van der Sande, M., Robert, A., Rodriguez-Villalobos, H. & Tinto, H.

3/11/20 → …


Resistance in gonorrhoea

Van Dijck, C., Kenyon, C. & Malhotra-Kumar, S.

3/07/19 → …


Improving the evidence base for diagnosis and management of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Ethiopia

van Henten, S., van Griensven, J. & Moons, J.

17/04/20 → …


Community Participation in Neglected Tropical Diseases Elimination: A case study of Human African Trypanosomiasis elimination in Democratic Republic of Congo

Vander Kelen, C., Hasker, E., Torr, S. & Pulford, J.

3/07/19 → …


The diversity of mosquito interactions under climate change conditions 

Vanslembrouck, A., Müller, R. & Leirs, H.

30/06/21 → …


Feasibility of patient-centred care approaches at primary health care level in sub-Saharan Africa: the case of Uganda

Waweru, E. W., Criel, B., Broerse, J., Gruénais, M. & Ssengooba, F.

12/01/17 → …


Humanitarianism as a Form of Government: Interactions in Aid, Meaning-Making, and Well-being for Helpers of Refugees in Greece and Germany, a Multi-sited, Transdisciplinary Ethnography

Witcher, A. L., Peeters, K., Gerrets, R., Kalir, B., Krause, K. & Fumadó Perez, V.

11/04/19 → …


This report was compiled on 6 May, 2022.